China · 08. August 2018
Brilliance China Auto’s key business lies in the joint venture with BMW for the production of BMW 1, 2, 3 and 5-series sedans and X1 SUVs in China. The Group also manufactures and sells minibuses and automotive components under its own brands, namely “JinBei” and “Granse”. Other businesses include the manufacture of diesel and gasoline engines for use in minibuses, sedans, SUVs, and light duty trucks.

China · 11. June 2018
Qingdao Haier China | Consumer Discretionary Business Overview Corporate Profile Qingdao Haier (Haier, 600690 CH) is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company is a leading white goods maker engaged in the R&D and sale of major household electrical appliances. Haier manufactures refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines, water heaters and other kitchen appliances with a significant market share in its domestic market, China. As part of its diversification strategy, the group...

China · 28. May 2018
Xiaomi Corp. China – Information Technology Company Description Xiaomi is one of the world’s fastest growing internet companies with a strong focus on producing innovative and affordable products and services. Xiaomi generates over 80% of its revenue via hardware sales (smartphones and Internet of Things – IoT devices) but is increasingly generating more revenue via higher margin internet services (advertising and other value-added services). Xiaomi has a strong direct sales channel that...

China · 16. May 2018
WH Group (WHG) is the largest pork company in the world, with number one positions in China, the U.S. and key markets in Europe. Leading in all key segments of the pork industry, WHG’s global platform integrates hog production, hog slaughtering, processing and distribution of packaged meats and fresh pork.